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From time-to-time even the best change leaders can use tips and tricks to help you and your team to think differently about workplace change. TCS Blog is designed to provide insights to spark ideas that can mean the difference between leading change or just slogging through.

2018-11-08 11:05:22    Robert E. Smith, PhD, Founder, The Change Shop

What the Transition to ‘Open Offices’ Reveals about People’s Reactions to Change

I was reading a great article on people’s reactions to open office plans. It cau

2018-11-06 07:56:56    Robert E. Smith, PhD, Founder, The Change Shop

Hiring Change Management Consultants vs. D-I-Y Organizational Change

The conversation about organizational change management has begun to shift—it’s no longer a “fad” but an ongoing movement that organizations large and small are adopting. This has led CEOs and Human Resource leaders to question whether to look externally to have a consultancy help them with their workplace change initiatives or find peo

2018-08-09 08:12:46    Robert E. Smith, PhD, Founder, The Change Shop

3 Annyoing (but common) Reasons People Resist Change

One of the things change agents, try to avoid like the plague are change failures. Not only are failed change initiatives bad for the organization you might be working in or consulting for, its simply not great reputation-wise to have change failures in your wake. No matter what, trying and failing to

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