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Using our tools to accelerate your change goals is as easy as 1-2-3 (or 4)


Use this tool to quickly send team members brief email-based, mobile-ready assessments to get cross-team member feedback on overall change effectiveness.


Consequences of change failure are high. Use this tool to gauge how prepared you are to execute your next change and if you are following best change practices.

Change Leader

Gauge how well other managers and team leaders think the change is progressing. Aggregate results across your leadership team to generate customized reports.

Change Simulator

Before committing to that next big change initiative, use this tool to create 'what-if' scenarios and identify possible risk factors tailored to your industry.


Use this tool to select proven and create customized action steps you can execute to improve commitment, buy-in, and change leadership effectiveness.


Take the [Personal]180 to rate how well changes are being executed at your workplace and get your personalized commitment and change leadership effectiveness scores.

[DIY Meets Change Management ]

DIY (do-it-yourself) has been a growing trend over past several years. From flipping houses to hoteling, to redecorating the kitchen, and preparing freshly made foods at home; more and more people are opting to take design ideas from the experts and create their own, customized versions. At the Change Shop™ we think the time has come for this same approach to be applied to managing change at work. Whether you are a Bridge’s Transition modeler or firmly believe Kotter’s 8-Step Change model is the best thing since Lewin’s Unfreeze, Refreeze model, The Change Shop platform allows you to use any of your favorite Change Management models and adapt them to your team’s change processes to ensure you stay on track. You can also use our own 2IsC (Impact, Influence, and Consistency) model™ designed around proven, cross-industry research that shows what is needed to achieve highly engaged change commitment within and across teams.

[Leading Change]

The Change Shop tools help facilitate change management goals by focusing change leaders on the most important behaviors that drive individual and team commitment to change. The tools provide actionable, specific, and practical advice on ways to make change leadership effective and change outcomes achievable. Every participant receives a focused, easy-to-understand report, and will spend less than 10 minutes completing the survey.

personal survey (free)

Team Survey

Organization Survey

Change leader Survey

Change Simulator

Improve Tool

[Guided by Validated Research]

The Change Shop design approach begins with sound data and research applied to each of the survey tools. We developed our tools using the most conclusive academic science on organizational change and experience-based insights, including the key findings that:

  • Individuals’ emotions, cognition, and behaviors all play a separate and interactive role in their commitment to organizational change
  • Emotions, cognition, and behavior have a direct impact on the ability of teams and organizations to achieve change outcomes
  • Employees in different industries respond to change initiatives in different ways
  • Our tool design is guided by the science and our reports provide direction and advice for change in a way that leaders can quickly understand, internalize and put into practice.

As a change leader, you do not need a thick book of generic suggestions or information that is irrelevant to your particular change situation or industry. We ‘put change in the bag’ by providing the most relevant information in a brief, consumable report that’s available on your mobile device.


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