To empower change leaders across organizations across all industries to create change capacity in their teams that fosters stronger organizational performance.

Our Story

Co-Producing Change Value Measurement

Imagine a scenario where organizations have the ability to measure and compare the effectiveness of key organizational changes such as new product or service development, M&A, culture change and others using a standardized set of metrics that they themselves have shaped.

Imagine they are using new mobile technology and cloud-based databases to benefit from real-time data analytics that allows them to gain immediate insights and compare their organizational readiness for change to their industry peers. Imagine they are using this data to make better organizational design, training, and program development decisions that increase employee engagement and improve the likelihood of having successful change and organizational outcomes.

[This is the vision The Change Shop strives to create]

The Change Shop team is passionate about organizational change and the factors that drive commitment to change even under the most intense circumstances.

We have partners ranging from the Fortune 500 to small businesses as well as the public sector. If you need a better way to measure the effectiveness of your change initiatives, we invite you to visit us in “the shop”.

4 Principles of The Change Shop

Give Voice to the Team

Give team members a voice to express what’s important about the change and ways to make it work

Compare Results

Compare results to industry peers and high performers to provide insight into what’s possible

Engage the Team

Engage team members ways that drive the highest levels of commitment to change

Use Data

Use data to drive effective change results

“I believe in the power of people data to help organizations generate the commitment they need to adapt, grow, and change more effectively.”

-  Robert Smith, Ph.D. Founder / CEO

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