Selling Change:

How Successful Leaders Use Impact,
Influence, and Consistency to
Transform Their Organizations

By: Robert E. Smith, PhD, Founder,
The Change Shop™

Ask any sales person and they will agree the only metric of success that really counts in sales is the purchase decision—the point when the customer, after weighing the options decides to commit to buying your product or service. By comparison, no such metric has really ever existed when it comes to gaining buy-in and commitment to organizational change in the workplace. The science of getting people to commit to change at work has been obscured by flowery language and murky measurements—that is until now.

Selling Change explains the science behind what makes workers “want to” commit to change and transformation at work. Building on decades of academic research and professional experience consulting and leading some of the world’s largest and most complex organizational transformations, the book explores the author’s original research into how highly engaged change commitment leads to higher performance in iconic companies from Build-A-Bear and NYU Langone Medical to Chipotle.

It also introduces a simple, highly predictive, change commitment tool— the 2IsC™ Model (Impact, Influence, and Consistency)—that enables you to measure the strength of your team’s change commitment and resistance levels and track improvements over time. Whether you’re leading a small team, a school, a federal agency, or a Global Fortune 500 company, Selling Change provides a clear, scientifically-proven, and repeatable approach to successfully launching and leading transformational workplace change.

About The Author

Robert E. Smith, PhD, is the founder and
CEO of change management platform
The Change Shop™.

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Robert has over 15 years of experience designing and leading organizational change and transformation initiatives at a range of organizations including Fortune 500 companies, global private organizations, nonprofits and U.S. federal government agencies. He is the founder of The Change Shop™, LLC, an integrated, cloud-based change management platform that helps leaders “put change in the bag” by building high-performing organizations through a suite of web-based change management solutions, leadership assessment tools, and change simulations. The designs for The Change Shop™ and the book, Selling Change, are based on Smith’s experience partnering with leaders ‘in the trenches’ to make difficult organizational changes a reality.

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