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The Change Shop™ helps leaders manage organizational change easily – at lower cost – with better tools to analyze and manage employee feedback in a single subscription package


Use this tool to quickly send team members brief email-based, mobile-ready assessments to get cross-team member feedback on overall change effectiveness.


Consequences of change failure are high. Use this tool to gauge how prepared you are to execute your next change and if you are following best change practices.

Change Leader

Gauge how well other managers and team leaders think the change is progressing. Aggregate results across your leadership team to generate customized reports.

Change Simulator

Before committing to that next big change initiative, use this tool to create 'what-if' scenarios and identify possible risk factors tailored to your industry.


Use this tool to select proven and create customized action steps you can execute to improve commitment, buy-in, and change leadership effectiveness.


Take the [Personal]180 to rate how well changes are being executed at your workplace and get your personalized commitment and change leadership effectiveness scores.

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When transformational workplace change is needed, it simply will not happen without a critical mass of engaged and committed individuals and teams. The Change Shop platform enables managers and change leaders to gather the input they need to  gauge change commitment levels, pinpoint resistance areas,  and  identify  and  track improvement actions.

Change Commitment Assessments, Results Tracking, and Improvement Tools, All in One Shop

Every change initiative can feel different but more often than not, another team at a different organization has experienced a similar change or transformation. Our intuitive change commitment dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye view of commitment and engagement levels and our never-change-alone benchmarking capabilities allow you to compare your change initiatives to peers and top performers in your industry enabling you to see if your change project is trending in the right direction. If there are signs of trouble, you have access to, research-backed improvement models, tracking tools, change simulators, and industry/change-specific case studies designed to equip you with the support you need to put your change initiatives “in the bag”.

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The [Org]180 App is a change management tool that allows managers and organizational change leaders to gauge people-related risks for upcoming or in-progress organizational changes.

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